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Primeur: Eerste gastblog ooit van Don Corleone (belangrijke mededeling!)


Bonasera. Bonasera.

You may know me as Vito Corleone. The people here in Sicily know me as their Godfather. Today, I have some bad news for you. And some good news.

The bad news: Roy won’t post an article this week. The young non-Italian will not share any content marketing tips with you, his loyal visitors.

Instead, he took one week off to spend quality time with his family. With his parents, his sister Alexandra, and his brother Michael ― who is named after my youngest son.

And that’s the good news. Because a man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.

Having said that, he will return. In his next article he writes about Unique Selling Points, so that you can distinguish your company from your competitors.

So that you can make your prospects an offer they can’t refuse ― without pointing a gun to their head or a knife to their throat. This valuable information will be published on the 5th of September.

When that day comes, I want you to share his article. And follow him. If you have faith in my judgement, and if I have your loyalty, then be a friend to Roy.

I won’t forget it. Ask the people in your neighborhood about me. They’ll tell you I know how to return a favor …

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